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New Adjuster Course

When you join Be A Claims Adjusteryou gain access to the exclusive "How To Launch Your Claims Adjusting Business" 12-Session course! Each session  includes workbook and introduction audio. Opportunity to discuss sessions during live coaching calls. 

Networking Opportunities 

Be A Claims Adjuster provides a platform to connect with other professionals in the field, fostering relationships, sharing experiences, and gaining insights from a community of peers.

Exclusive Resources

As a member of Be A Claims Adjusteryou will have  access to exclusive content, resources, or tools, such as training materials, industry updates, or specialized software, enhancing professional development.

Continual Learning 

Be A Claims Adjuster hosts group coaching, webinars, and discussions, allowing members to stay updated on industry trends, regulations, and best practices, contributing to ongoing learning and skill enhancement.

Career Advancement Opportunities 

Membership in Be A Claims Adjuster often features job opportunities, career development resources, and mentorship programs, offering avenues for professional growth and advancement within the industry.

Access to Expert Advice

Be A Claims Adjuster invites seasoned professionals or subject matter experts who actively participate. Having access to their insights and advice can provide invaluable guidance when handling complex cases or unfamiliar situations.

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Bi-weekly Live Group Coaching

Join me for Live Group Coaching sessions tailored exclusively for new claims adjusters. This is an impromptu session and you will gain real-time insights, ask questions, and participate in dynamic discussions that address the challenges specific to your adjuster role.

Monthly Guest Expert Training & QA

Join BeAClaimsAdjuster in engaging and informative sessions with guest experts every 4th Thursday at 6 pm CST. Explore insights from industry professionals who generously share their expertise in the field of insurance.

Job & Deployment Announcements

Explore the latest in Job Announcements and Industry News with us! Stay informed about exciting career opportunities and stay updated on the latest trends and developments in the industry. Our platform is your go-to source for staying connected with the dynamic job market and staying ahead with relevant industry insights. 

Exclusive Resources

Tap into the strength of our extensive adjuster resource hub within our exclusive membership community. Our platform is designed to cater to the varied requirements of insurance adjusters, providing a rich array of industry-specific insights, tools, and expert guidance. Explore a collection of training materials, licensing and certification resources, and technologies, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of claims adjusting.

Networking & In-Depth Discussions

Join us for live chat sessions that promise engaging conversations and real-time interactions. Whether you're seeking instant assistance, looking to connect with like-minded individuals, or simply want to be part of a vibrant community, our live chat welcomes you. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and share your thoughts in a dynamic and interactive environment. Don't miss out – join the conversation now!

New Adjuster Course

Session 1: Adjuster Pre-Licensing

This foundational module sets the stage for your journey as a claims adjuster by offering a comprehensive understanding of crucial aspects. By the session's conclusion, you'll grasp the significance of top-notch Pre-Licensing Programs and gain insight into crucial resources, including a Department of Insurance Contact List.

Session 2: Apply For Adjuster Licenses

This module delves into the practical steps essential for acquiring your Home State License, offering a detailed roadmap to navigate the application process smoothly.

Session 3: Top Certs for New Adjusters

This module delves into the practical steps essential for acquiring your Home State License, offering a detailed roadmap to navigate the application process smoothly.

Session 4: Build Your Resume

This module is designed to equip you with the tools to craft an impactful resume tailored specifically for success in the adjuster profession. By the end of this session, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of crucial elements to include on your resume.

Session 5: Join & FollowUp With Rosters

This session is your gateway to navigating the intricate process of joining and effectively engaging with rosters as an aspiring or new independent adjuster. By the session's conclusion, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of essential techniques for successful roster entry.

Session 6: The Name Game

During this session, you'll be navigated through the complex process of selecting a powerful and memorable name for your independent adjusting business. By the conclusion of this session, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in selecting a compelling business name.

Session 7: Business License & Permits

This module serves as your comprehensive guide to navigating the landscape of business licenses and permits essential for your independent adjusting business.

Session 8: Basic Business Operations

Ever wondered why operations play a pivotal role in your business? In this session, we unravel the significance of efficient operations and guide you through essential aspects that can shape the success of your venture.

Session 9: Business Insurance

Business insurance stands as a crucial shield for claims adjusters, safeguarding their operations from unexpected financial setbacks. For these professionals navigating the intricate realm of insurance claims, securing comprehensive coverage is more than a formality—it's a strategic necessity.

Session 10: Financial Management

In this module, we focus on a key aspect vital for entrepreneurial success – effective Financial Management. By the end of the session, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of assessing your relationship with money, a crucial step in developing successful financial management strategies.

Session 11: Home Based Business

In this comprehensive session, we will delve into various aspects crucial for anyone considering or currently running a home-based business. Beginning with an insightful introduction to the dynamics of home-based entrepreneurship, we will guide you through essential steps such as contacting local zoning authorities to ensure compliance and understanding the key elements of a home-based business checklist.

Session 12: Side Hustle Gigs That Get You Insurance Industry Related Experience!

This session provides an overview of various side gigs that individuals can pursue to gain experience and generate income within the insurance industry.